Mini Challenge Cooper Class!

The Cooper Class car uses a 130Bhp 1.6lt normally aspirated engine, slick tyres and single way adjustable AST dampers. Offering surprising performance, agile handling and incredible grip from durable GoodYear tyres, it is not unusual to see these MINIs chasing down supercars that cost 20 times as much on test days!



Hello, My names Ed Simmonds, I’m 22, studying Sports Management at the University of Derby but originally from Maidstone, Kent. 

I’ve been around Motorsport since I could walk with my my dad competing since I was 3 years old and still competes to this day. My first experience of racing was when I was 7 years old, as a karting party. Aged 8 I had my first race, in an arrive and drive race at Buckmore Park.

For a few years I did arrive and drive karting but with school commitments it tool a back seat. 

However, with University I started to compete in the British University Karting Championship (BUKC). Alongside this my father and I purchased an EnduroKa to race for the recently formed EnduroKa Series. 

As for the future? I’m aiming for 2021 to complete in the Mini Challenge Cooper Class. With live televised races it is perfect ground for a sponsor to help develop their business!



So with 2020’s race season almost written off I’ve started planning for next year! My aim for next year is to have a full season of racing and to be competitive at the same time!


In 2021 I will be looking to make the massive step up from Go-Karts to Saloon car racing and would really like the support from you to make that possible. I have been karting since I was 8 years old and this year competed in the BUKC (British University Karting Championship). I have never done anything by small measures, and this includes racing, which is why I would like to compete in the MINI CHALLENGE Cooper Class. I believe that this is the best way to develop as a driver. Alongside this it also comes with a lot of exposure, not only for me but for you. Sponsoring a racing driver is not just putting stickers on a car and throwing it in front of cameras. It is about more than that. The MINI CHALLENGE features on the British Touring Car Championship support races, with this year’s season featuring on three of the nine meetings. This would equate to about 150,000 fans at the racetracks and an audience on ITV4 of around 4.8 Million viewers nation-wide.

I would love companies to be able to support me, as I would give the time to make sure that brand has the exposure that it deserves.


If you have any enquires please email me at: